The Purging of an Imaginary Enemy

March 3rd, 2013
Edwin Bartunek
Developer and Educator

Edwin Bartunek

Stress peaks, anger breaks, and emotions flow – Sure, I could describe how I feel in certain situations, but I find it incredibly fascinating when music captures a feeling and let’s me purge my own. I definitely remember doing a purging process in my car to White Zombie’s old metal grind “I am Hell” at 85 miles per hour on the freeway to school paying later in remorse for an excellent session as I stared at my speeding ticket.

Music bring so much to the human condition. I found connections to this statement from a lesson I recently taught about art. Any art form has meaning behind it. I think both my students and I were in agreement that art is engendered with human emotion. The creation is organic and relatable to all people around the world. This is why music is so powerful.

So recently, because of some personal events in my life, I have really connected with the song Imaginary Enemy by Circa Survive. It is strange because this is really not my favorite style of music. I latched onto the song because I can somehow see myself in it some how: my feelings, a similar event that relates to the meaning of the song, etc. I can’t stop listening to it. I am engrossed in a purging of my emotions through the power of music. What is something you’ve purged your emotions to lately?

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